Cleaning your dryer duct is necessary to maintain the atmosphere of your laundry room. If you ignore cleaning after specific intervals, it can become hotter than usual. However, you will need an effective solution to help out your ventures. For this purpose, we have added a step-by-step guide on how to clean a dryer duct from the inside out in the following article.

    To clean the outside of your dryer duct, you can follow these steps. 

    • Locate your dryer duct 
    • Remove the dust and debris
    • Brush the dryer duct 
    • Reattach the duct cover

    Here’s how you can clean the inside of your duct step by step. 

    • Disconnect the dryer
    • Brush away the lint
    • Vacuum up the dust
    • Reconnect the dryer

    These are practical steps, but you may need professional assistance to clean your system thoroughly. You can hire an expert dryer duct cleaners to take care of your unit.

    Tools You Need For Dryer Duct Cleaning

    In order to clean your dryer duct system, you will need the required tools. Following are some tools that can help you throughout the process.

    • Stiff-bristled brush
    • Duct cleaning brush
    • Screwdriver 
    • A vacuum with a hose attachment

    How to Clean a Dryer Duct From the Outside

    To clean your dryer duct entirely, you can start from the outside. You can remove excessive dust, debris, or lint from the exterior to move on. Here’s how you can clean the outside step by step.

    Step 1: Locate Your Dryer Duct

    The first step involves finding your dryer duct as it would have been placed anywhere. Some ducts are attached to the roof using a small pipe, while others are on an exterior wall or at the base of your house. Once you’ve located the dryer duct, you can proceed to clean it. 

    Step 2: Remove Away the Dust or Debris

    You can use a bristle brush to remove dust, debris, or lint on the surface before unscrewing the duct. After that, get a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment and suck up the dust or lint stuck inside the duct.

    Step 3: Brush the Dryer Duct

    Then, use a stiff-bristled brush to clean the inside of the dryer duct. There can be plenty of dust or lint inside the duct. You should ensure the surface is clear and there are no particles left.

    Step 4: Reattach the Duct Cover

    After removing the duct or lint from the duct, you can reinstall the duct cover. To do this, use the same screwdriver and hold the cover in place to screw it down. 

    How to Clean a Dryer Duct From the Inside

    Once you are done with the outside of the dryer duct, you move on to cleaning the interior. It’s usually more difficult to access the inside than the outside, so you can move the duct as you want for better access. After that, you can follow these steps to clean your dryer duct from the inside.

    Step 1: Disconnect the Dryer

    To access your duct easily, you can disconnect the dryer from it. For this purpose, you can follow the instructions given by your dryer’s manufacturer. You should ensure to power down your system before removing the dryer.

    Step 2: Brush Away the Lint

    Using a long-handled bristle brush can help you brush away most of the lint from the dryer. You can brush the dust toward you so it falls on the floor. If there’s still a lot in the duct, you can vacuum it to remove the fur. 

    Step 3: Suck Up the Dust

    After that, it’s time to remove the dust from the inside of your dryer duct. You can grab a vacuum with a hose attachment and move it inside the duct to suck the remaining dust, lint, and other particles.

    Step 4: Reconnect the Dryer

    Upon removing the dust and lint, you can reattach the dryer back to the duct. After that, plug it into a power source to check whether it’s working properly. 

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    In short, maintaining your dryer duct is essential to keeping it performing well. To maintain your system, you will have to clean it regularly with the right tools. In this regard, we have discussed a complete method on how to clean a dryer duct from the inside out

    To clean the outside of your unit, you can locate your dryer duct, remove the dust or debris, brush the duct, and reattach the duct cover. Moreover, the steps for inside cleaning include disconnecting the dryer, brushing away the lint, sucking up the dust, and reconnecting the dryer. For better results, you can also hire a professional dryer duct cleaning company.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you clean dryer ducts yourself?

    If you want to clean your dryer duct, you can disconnect it from the transition line. Then, you can take it outside to clean the dust or lint with an electric leaf blower. The air pressure will blow the lint or other particles out of the dryer duct. 

    How do I know if my dryer ducts need to be cleaned?

    When your clothes take more time to dry and come out hotter than usual, your dryer ducts must be cleaned. You may also notice a burning smell, and the outside of the duct feels hotter while operating. These are some reasons why you consider cleaning your dryer duct. 

    What do professionals use to clean dryer ducts?

    Dryer duct cleaners use a proper toolkit, including a brush, a vacuum with a hose attachment, and screwdrivers. They deploy the latest techniques to clean the inside and outside of your dryer ducts. Moreover, they can help to improve its performance and longevity. 


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